Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Various Artists - Guilt by Association Vol. 2 (2008)

This album can be summed up in three words, taken from a quote by a hip hop duo from Detroit famous for wearing makeup, "...pure motherfuckin' magic." Engine Room Recordings followed their 2007 release Guilt by Association with this, proving that lighting does indeed strike twice. They gathered up some of the most talented names in indie rock and had them cover their favorite guilty pleasure pop songs. I've posted the track listing below, items in bold are not to be missed.

1. My Brightest Diamond - "Tainted Love" (Soft Cell)
2. The Bloodsugars - "Self Control" (Laura Branigan)
3. Robbers on High Street - "Cool It Now" (New Edition)
4. Frightened Rabbit - "Set You Free" (N-Trance)
5. Matt Pond PA - "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" (My Chemical Romance)
6. Takka Takka - "In the Air Tonight" (Phil Collins)
7. Kaki King - "I Think She Knows" (Justin Timberlake)
8. Francis and the Lights - "Can't Tell Me Nothing" (Kanye West)
9. Lowry - "Africa" (Toto)
10. The Forms - "We Didn't Start the Fire" (Billy Joel)
11. Rafter - "If You Leave" (OMD)
12. Cassettes Won't Listen - "Need You Tonight" (INXS)
13. Jukebox the Ghost - "It's a Beautiful Life" (Ace of Base)
14. Max Vernon - "I Kissed a Girl" (Katy Perry)
15. The Bloodsugars - "Self Control (Acoustic)" (Laura Branigan)

For fans of: Toto, Katy Perry, Ace of Base, Phil Collins


Anonymous said...

hi babe, barely any of the stuff on here will work on my computer, it won't open the files! what do i do? xx

twc61f said...

You should download a program called WinRAR, and when you download the files, select "Open with WinRAR." When the files finished downloading, right click the folder and select "Extract to specified folder," then whichever folder on your computer you want them up end up in. Let me know if you need more help.