Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Daughters - Self Titled 7" EP

Daughters is Daughters' debut EP released on City of Hell in 2002. It was released as a 7" vinyl and is now out of print. Many regard it as the heaviest and most brutal Daughters album due to its short length of 4:16 and frequent breakdowns. It also had a Tour Release.



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George said...

The link to this Daughters EP isn't working, would you mind sending it to me if you still have it? My e-mail is RedGraphics01@yahoo.com
I've been looking all over for this EP, and I just can't find it. I've got As The Sun Sets' discography, it's the singer, guitar and drummer of the Daughters before they were the Daughters. I can send you it in exchange. E-mail me if you're interested.

WestWardWind said...

Yea I would love this album as well. If you could just comment back that would be great.