Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Sounds Of Animals Fighting - The Tiger And The Duke

The Sound of Animals Fighting is a mysterious band formed with the purpose of creating something out of the norm. The band is comprised of members from Rx Bandits, Finch, Rich Balling (ex-Rx Bandits) and Anthony Green of Saosin and Circa Survive fame. Their music is experimental, the transitions progressive, and the lyrics were improvised on the spot. The members of The Sound of Animals Fighting borrow musical stylings from each of their respective bands, as the drumming is distinctly Rx Bandits, as well as the guitar rhythms and picking patterns. While all the members of the band remain nameless, they are referred to in the liner notes as “The Tortoise,” or “The Ferret.” All in all, there are 15 animals associated with this collaborative project, including the producers and engineers. The album itself is nine tracks long, but there are really only four songs, as five of the tracks are instrumental interludes.


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