Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (1997)

If I had to liken this record to anything, it would be a gourmet pizza. Cut into eight slices, each of them with different topping, but each as delectable as the last. "Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix)" is one of Richard D. James' (more commonly known as Aphex Twin, among other monikers) most widely known songs. The next track, "Flim" is actually one of my favourite songs of all time (Personally, when I listen to it, I imagine different shades of the colour blue. Give it a listen. Post what you think of when you hear the track in the comment section below.) The album also includes "Come to Daddy (Mummy Mix)" and "Come to Daddy (Little Lord Fauntleroy Mix)," neither of which sound anything like the Pappy Mix. "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball" is also very noteworthy. Don't mind the rude requests of the voice at the end of "Funny Little Man," he's harmless. "IZ-US" rounds out the EP with jazz style drums and mellow synth. This album changed music for me back in high school, it could do the same for you, maybe? Only one way to find out...

For fans of: Squarepusher, Dntel, Boards of Canada


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