Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot Club de Paris - Drop It 'til It Pops (2006)

This experimental math-rock trio from across the pond is just what the doctor ordered. These guys make no intention of hiding their influences, as they take the heart's delight of sweater-wearing, bearded indie kids and put their own Liverpudlian spin on it. On this, their debut record, they exhibit a powerhouse display of interweaving melodies and harmonies, fluid riffs that pack notes into a measure like a clowns into a car and sing-along chants and yells for audience participation. Sounds like fun for the whole family, yeah? Fuckin' a, yeah.

For fans of: Owls, This Town Needs Guns, Born Ruffians, American Football

***The band has requested that we remove the download link, and out of respect to them, we have done exactly that. We can however, direct you to their MySpace profile where several tracks are available for your streaming pleasure. If you like what you hear, buy the record!

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Hot Club de Paris said...

Why don't you just post two or three MP3s online so people can check it out? We really wouldn't object to that but posting the whole record and bonus disc? Thanks... it really fucks over small bands like us.