Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers - The Mother of Love Emulates the Shapes of Cynthia (2005)

I acquired this not too long after it was released and it is still one of my favorite records to this day. A splendid union of perfections and imperfections, "The Mother of Love Emulates the Shapes of Cynthia" houses astute and pensive lyrics that ride a highway of soft vocal melodies to a musical amalgamation of guitars both electric and acoustic, vibraphones, strings and even a drum machine here and there. The opening track, "The Eventual Intimate of So Much Nostalgia," is unassuming and calm at first, but by the time the listener knows what's going on, they're already down the rabbit hole and on to the next track, one of my personal favorites, "Concerning Lessons Learned by the Aliens." "Archaeopteryx" is a number filled with a fun amount of programmed elements, which leads into "Ammunition for a Bolt," a song delightfully reminiscent of The Faint's earlier work. "Above the Waves" contains one of my favorite lyrics, "We are the cavemen in the Garden of Eden. Frail, fucked up fossils - obsolete and useless. Now that we design our days, how will you stay above the waves?" If bands like Bright Eyes and Cursive are ingredients to the indie kid's starter kit, this album is for some of the more advanced pupils, but nevertheless remains a vital part of the record collection. And yes, their name IS a reference to The Big Lebowski, in case you were wondering.

For fans of: The Physics of Meaning, Belle and Sebastian, Eels, Now It's Overhead

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