Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sean Hayes - Flowering Spade (2007)

If one were to cut into the arm of Music herself and take a look at what is flowing through her veins, one would find the same things that make up this record. Using this album, singer/songwriter Sean Hayes has reached a place that until hearing it, I didn't know existed. Hayes' vocals are a pleasant anomaly; unintrusive, yet lovingly disarming. Flighty harmonies accompany stand-up bass, blues-tinged folk guitar and light, brushed drums while accented by banjo, accordion and lots of other wonderful additions. On the opening track, "All for Love," Hayes sings to the object of his affection, "I'll be your monkey, I'll dance and sing. I'll be your fool, your lonely king." "Sufidrop," boasts a marriage of a banjo and hand claps that is undeniably delightful. The jazzy danciness found on "Hip Kids" is second to none. My favorite track hands down has to be "Elizabeth Sways." Finger picking a banjo, he croons, "When Elizabeth sways her hips, the whole world goes 'Mmmmmmmm'." I challenge anyone not to groove to that song. I've been wondering where this album has been all my life, but I'm not mad because now I have it and that's all that matters. Doesn't make sense, you say? Well, it's like Lester Burnham said, "You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure, but don't worry. You will someday." PROTIP: Someday will come sooner rather than later if you give this album a listen.

For fans of: Damien Rice, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, William Elliott Whitmore


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