Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saves the Day - Stay What You Are (2001)

I know that nowadays, the term "good pop punk" is an oxymoron, but back in 2001 when second-wave emo was at its peak, this album was a pop-ridden addition to the neo-classics. Most memorable songs have an unforgettable opening riff that people recognize instantly. This record's opening track has an unforgettable opening NOTE. All one needs to do is pluck that D, and somewhere, ten kids will drop everything and sing, "This song will become the anthem of your underground..." The song, "At Your Funeral," is an upbeat ode to a friend that will no doubt one day soon be lost to drugs. Singer Chris Conley poses the question to the song's subject, "If I flooded out your house, do you think you'd make it out? Or would you burn up before the water filled your lungs?" The song ends with Conley repeating, "..and at your funeral I will sing the requiem. I'd offer you my hand, it would hurt too much to watch you die." On "See You," the chorus repeats, "'Cause I don't think that I have got the stomach to stomach calling you today," bringing in the teenage awkward of pop punk of the early decade that continues in the song "Freakish," where Chris croons, "Well here I am. I don't know how to say this. The only thing I know is awkward silence." This album reminds you that pop punk doesn't need a keytar, or shutter shades or Auto-Tune or a member whose instrument is listed as "programming."

For fans of: The Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, Midtown


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Ashley said...

not going to lie. i always thought through being cool was their best album. not that stay what you are doesn't touch my soft spot (don't be dirty, this is an emotional soft spot).