Friday, December 4, 2009

The American Dollar - The American Dollar (2006)

Nowadays, the term "post-rock" merits one of two responses. The first response immediately being, "Oooooo! Sold!" The second response, quite the opposite of the first, is the person just rolling their eyes and scoffing. Both are acceptable responses, because while there are quite a few bands out there that bear that label who are very, very good, there are also imitation bands that do anything but flatter their idols. Also, releasing a 4 song album with all the tracks running upwards of ten minutes while playing the same three notes with a flange effect doesn't make you avant-garde or groundbreaking. Just sayin'. Okay, getting back to business... On this, their eponymous debut, The American Dollar take the ingredients that make post-rock so likeable and add a few spices of their own, resulting in the concoction of a wonderful musical soundscape, one that gives the listener a wave of nostalgic comfort and yet still presents and displays their own refreshing originality. On tracks like "Glow," they add a glitchiness reminiscent of Dntel's earlier work, while at the same time not overdoing it. The beauty of this record is the synchronicity of the melodies; everything compliments everything. A little reciprocity is nice every now and then, you know?

For fans of: Saxon Shore, This Is Your Captain Speaking, Explosions in the Sky


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