Monday, December 7, 2009

Various Artists - This Is Indie Rock: The Best Bands You've Never Heard (Volume 1) (2004)

Honestly? The title of the album says it all. Live a little and give this compilation a chance. There are some really good finds here. In the event that the files are labeled incorrectly, I've provided the track listing below.

01. The Pit That Became a Tower - "I Must Save the President"
02. Clair de Lune - "Marionettes"
03. The Blind King - "Indie Pop Song"
04. dino velvet - "The Weekend Warriors"
05. Second Hand Stories - "Frontiers"
06. Throat - "Saturday"
07. Winter in Alaska - "Puzzle: Part One"
08. Joanna Erdos - "Silver & Gold"
09. Siva - "G"
10. Lakota - "So Simple"
11. Leaving Rouge - "Rooms"
12. The Kidcrash - "Bells and Hammers"

For fans of: Clair de Lune, dino velvet, The Kidcrash


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