Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cursive - Burst and Bloom (2001)

This EP was the major turning point in Cursive's career (thus far). After the release of 2000's Domestica, frontman Tim Kasher wanted to shake things up a bit and did just that. Cellist Gretta Gohn was added to the lineup and the result was a five song musical explosion. The record's opener, "Sink to the Beat" (where the EP gets its name from), no doubt the most well known song from this release, is a commentary on songwriting and the release of this record in general. Old school internet addicts will recognize the riff from "The Great Decay" from the totally awesome online game Emogame. Please do not miss this, because if you don't already have it, your collection is lacking like whoa.

For fans of: The Good Life, Murder by Death, Desaparecidos


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