Thursday, December 10, 2009

Manitoba - Start Breaking My Heart (2001)

The debut full-length by Dan Snaith (a.k.a. Caribou), is a must-have for downtempo enthusiasts. This record houses an amalgamation consisting of glitchy effects, sparse vocals and ringing melodies that float over eccentric loops and percussion. The track "People Eating Fruit" would fit right in on Aphex Twin's 1997 release Come to Daddy. Start Breaking My Heart is ambient, yet stimulating; calm, yet effervescent; straightforward yet delightfully complex. The best thing I could compare this album to is REM sleep. The body is in its deepest level of sleep, but there's so much happening upstairs. It's most likely that your brain deserves a treat, so press play and let it bask in the glow that only this record can offer.

For fans of: Caribou, Four Tet, Dntel, Aphex Twin


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